Audiobook Narration/Recording/Publishing Services

Casting, writing, narrating, producing, audio editing, scoring, mastering, uploading to internet retailers, distributing, promoting, and collecting royalties a one-stop shop for all your audible needs. Amazon audiobook publishing offers a high-quality audio pre and post-production studio on-site. Our goal is to promote and sell your audiobook while also producing, publishing, and selling the ebook or print version.

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    Audio Books Are The New Craze

    Time to Give Voice to your Book! Unleash your Masterpiece and let your Readers Experience your Audible Emotions! Be a part of the New Sensation and take Your Masterpiece to Another Level.

    Casting & Book Analysis

    We examine your book and then look for the best voice to tell your tale. Our narrators are experienced pros who have narrated various audiobooks.

    Audio Production & Recording

    Your audiobook will now be recorded and brought to life. Your audiobook will be blended and polished by our audio specialists.

    Publishing & Promotion

    Your audio is finished and will soon be published on nationwide and international distribution platforms (Amazon, Audible, and Apple)

    Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns with a High Return on Investment to Increase Your Profits

    Amazon Publishing Services Can Assist You With Audio Book Advertisement.

    Let us put your audiobook in the spotlight by optimizing it for Amazon’s search engine, creating original content, running email campaigns, using social media marketing, integrating it with your author’s website, and using SEO and PPC. These components are first combined, and the campaign is then launched to get the required traffic and conversions for your product. Our Amazon 360 marketing strategies improve your customer experience and take your traffic to the next level. 

    “Amazon SEO & Audiobook Optimization is the most Efficient Technique to make your Products Stand out and become the Preferred choice of Customers Worldwide. Prepare to embark on a life-changing Journey with Amazon Publishing Services.”

    “We've Received the Most Demo Requests of any Company in History.
    It was an Increase of 20-30%."

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